Uniqlo Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Outline Company Background & Executive Summary Situation Analysis-“Where are we now?” 1. Macro Situation-PEST Analysis 1. Political Factors: 2. Economical Factors: 3. Social Factors: 4. Technological Factors: 2. Micro Situation-SWOT Analysis 1. Internal Assessment (Strengths) 2. Internal Assessment (Weaknesses) 3. External Assessment (Opportunities) 4. External Assessment (Threats) Goal Setting-“Where do we want to go?” 1. Market Segmentation & Target Market 2. Find Points of Difference 3. Product Positioning 4. Marketing Goals & Objectives Action Plan-“How can we get there?” 1. Product Strategies 2. Pricing Strategies 3. Promotion Strategies 4. Place Strategies Introduction UNIQLO is…show more content…
We will think hard about the kind of customer services that are expected from us and provide the best possible. We will provide an environment where global standard employees can happily work, and do innovative work as a team with human touch rather than like a bureaucratic team. And, as a result, we will become a global casual wear company, targeting high growth for both top-line as well as bottom-line. What Quality Means To Us: To sell low quality clothing at low prices is nothing special. To sell high quality clothing at remarkably good prices is a challenge that we have embraced wholeheartedly for the past over twenty years. Together with our focus on customer service, achieving world class quality is paramount to UNIQLO and infuses our entire business process from start to finish. In order to transform UNIQLO into a global brand, we are also working to globalize our product development functions. Our product development is based on a global R&D system which links the major fashion cities of Tokyo and New York. We employ talented personnel worldwide to ensure that we are the first to pick up trends in different parts of the world and even to gain the power to create and generate the next upcoming fashion trend. Freed from any hard-set ideas, we have worked to capture new local fashion concepts early and then transmit them around the world. In addition, the basic garments for which UNIQLO is well known are also being modified and
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