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Subject: Delivering Customer Value Though Marketing
Term: 2013/2014 Term 2
Tittle: UNIQLO Casual wear – Individual Assignment

UNIQLO - A number 1 Japanese Clothing Company

i) Describe and analyse the brand’s product, market positioning, pricing strategies and its target segment.

ii) Critically evaluate if the brand’s marketing activity is delivering values to its customers. Why?

iii) Suggest ways in which the brand can improve in its marketing strategies or activities.

i) Describe and analyse the brand’s product, market positioning, pricing strategies and its target segment

UNIQLO is a Japanese causal wear retailer. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast
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Also, UNIQLO is the uniform sponsor for Japan’s Olympic athletics in 1998, 2002 and 2004. They also sponsor uniform for tennis players in high rank tennis competition. Exposure in different sport events can successfully promote UNIQLO as a very good ready-to-wear clothing brand to public.

Market positioning:
The clothing concept of UNIQLO is very strict forwards, which is “Low cost, and high quality”. They produce clothing with simple but fashionable design and good quality for wearing in every day. Their tremendous business expansion can prove that they successfully build their concept to customer and this represent that their business is on the tract.

There are four factors that can help to analyze UNIQLO’s positioning, they are:
1. Product quality
2. Prices
3. Distribution
4. Image

1. Product quality
UNIQLO is always proud of their products’ quality. Their CEO Tadashi Yanai had said that, they are a technology company rather than a fashion company. Their high quality clothing enables them to be worn every day. UNIQLO is positioning their product in a relatively higher quality compare to other fast fashion companies, such as Zara , H&M. These company concern fashion trend more than quality. However, UNIQLO is not a luxury brand, so their quality is not comparable to other luxury brand, such as LV, Gucci, etc.

2. Prices
UNIQLO’s concept is “Low cost, but High Quality”. UNIQLO’s

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