Uniqlo Supply Chain

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C) Threat of Substitutes
Casual wear is one of the basic wear among the loose fit and relaxed fit wear. There are so many substitutes circulated into the market. One the main substitute of casual wear is active wear or athletic wear. Casual fashion clothing have been anticipated into the industry. The differentiation into the casual clothing could be provided a new line of clothing which could be nearest substitute of the product. The specialised stores could have been offered semi casual, smart casual and business casual lines. Semi casual clothes have been presented less than formal dresses. Smart casual lines have got a conservative look but the differentiation in colour, fabrics make it more acceptable to the customer. However,
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It has built its brand loyalty all over the world. Brand loyalty is one of its core factor to become sustainably profitable. Gap is particularly looked through its brand development. The branding strategy of gap is followed from design to marketing, merchandising to customer. This company is always keen to establish its brand. It is always looked for a brand which can cover a unique style with a high quality and in a reasonable price range for all age’s people. 5) Benetton This company is named by the owner family name Benetton which is formed in 1965. It has got 800 stores over 120 countries all over the world. It has just started its journey with 5 stores which situated locally. It has generated 2 billion euro of revenue every year. It gas got 5500 network of contemporary store all over the world. It has come into the market with fashion apparel covered with high quality, style and passion. It has made its own brand in the market. It has got a high tech IT department which helmed to make 160 million garmnets product annually. It has got superior value in the market because of its quality and creativity is maintained in every sphere of its production process.

6) Zara

Zara is one of the top clothing brand all over the world. This is the number one competitor of Uniqlo and all other brand. It has got 1603 store in 78 countries of the world. Those stores are located in world largest cities. This retailer proved that international

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