Unique Capabilities Of Modelling Construction Materials

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Capdeivila-Werning (2011) writes that buildings, including the Kampung house, can open our understanding of the unique capabilities of modelling construction materials in specific environments. These houses are not built by commercial architects or designers but by experienced village master builders, through the soul, the hands and labourers of the community. This allows each house to take on a unique personality and character reflecting its inhabitants. “The beauty of this architecture has long been dismissed as accidental, but today we should be able to recognize it as the result of rare good sense in the handling of practical problems. The shape of the houses, sometimes transmitted through a hundred generations, seem eternally valid, like those of their tools” (Rudofsky,1964, p4). A popular design detail introduced in the traditional Kampung house is wood carving which responds to the culture and community. Wood carving is an extremely difficult and precious talent passed down through generations. However, it is a dying practice and has become an expensive business only unique to those interested in the preservation of the Kampung house style and those who appreciate the art. Wood carvings are not only ornamentally aesthetic but have a lot of sacred meanings as well as being visually attractive in the internal living environment as shown in Figure 11. The wood carvings along the walls, windows and door frames often represents stories, depicting different tales
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