Unique Clothing Warehouse to UNIQLO Fast Retailing

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Case Study: UNIQLO 1 From Unique Clothing Warehouse to UNIQLO Fast Retailing The foundation of the majority of Fast Retailing in Japan was primarily initiated within Ube city, in Western Japan. Back In 1984 Tadashi Yanai, the current owner and entrepreneur for successful fast retailing, released his first business design of warehouse-style apparel and started by selling first in Hiroshima, and rated the top quality products as Unique Clothing (this was later abbreviated and titled as UNIQLO) Warehouse. The conceptual first step toward his shops was pretty much a 'mishmash' of his ideas, which he developed through his frequent appointments and visits to different style and fashions centres of the world within United States, Hong Kong, and Europe. But clearly, Yanai's key approach to business development was based on only a 'learning by doing' approach (Choi, 2011). Throughout the initial years of the business, numerous ideas and attempts were created, developed, shortlisted, and then dropped, which is why it is not surprising that there was no concrete business concept appearing for the organization having a solid organisational system till late in the year 1998. This was when the organization made penetrative movements into the Harajuku market, and among the fashion nuclei structures within Tokyo, Japan. Besides, another incredible importance of the inauguration from the Harajuku shop was in Yanai's critical decision of joining together his company's choices within

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