Unique Qualities Enhance Detective Novels

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Unique Qualities Enhance Detective Novels Detective fiction: a genre of writing where a detective works to solve a crime. Often the audience is challenged by the author to solve the crime before the detective by providing clues before the detective discloses the answer towards the end of the fiction. The audience is often stimulated by the clues, which makes them feel more obligated to continue reading at the novel to see in fact who has done it. Authors often use unique characteristics in their mystery novels to keep the readers enticed. Gothic elements in Rebecca, and encyclopedia knowledge in The Nine tailors enhance the purposes of mystery and detective fiction. In the novel, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, the gothic elements of the…show more content…
Danver had made her out to be. In fact, after the ball when Mr. De Winters was upset about how the heroine had wore the same gown as Rebecca it was not because he missed her dearly, instead it was because it reminded him of how awful his late wife traded him while they were together. At the end of the novel the house goes u in flames and is destroyed much like how the idea the reader had of Rebecca went up in flames once Mr. De Winters had shared the truth with your unnamed heroine. Another gothic element of the novel Rebecca is the sea. The sea was originally thought to be the death place of Rebecca before the audience had learn how she really died at the hands of her husband. “The sea being the place that Rebecca drowned in due to a boating accident less than a year ago adds a sense of eeriness and signaling a warning to those unfamiliar are not welcome” (Gothic Elements). The theme of unfamiliar, and not feeling welcomed are reoccurring with the unnamed narrator. Such as how she feels not welcomed in the Manderly by the head maid, how she does not feel as though she truly knows herself and how she is so insecure about why Mr. De Winters loves her. The gothic elements in this novel really allows the audience to connect more the with unnamed narrator, which makes the readers more emotionally connected and invested in the heroine. Thus, heightening the mystery for the
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