Unique Types of Family Systems Essay

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Most people have a set view on what a normal family system may look like but as a social service provider I know that a family system is unique to each family. In today’s society we see more single-parent homes leaving the hierarchy to be shifted. A hierarchy is determined and maintained by the systems rules, boundaries and interactional patterns (Gehart &Tuttle, 2003). There are many different situations that can shift the hierarchy such as single parent homes, cultural differences, and effective parenting. If any one of these is stressed then child abuse and maltreatment may be prevalent in the home. Majority of the people would agree that the ideal family system would look like a two-parent house-hold governing the children. In this…show more content…
I did not receive this from my father growing up. He was extremely strict and whenever he would call my name I would cry. Research show that children who are reared by authoritative parents are more independent, friendly, cooperative, and self-assertive (Feldman, 2013). Feldman (2013) also stated that children of authoritarian parents tend to be more withdrawn. I can remember almost to my junior year of college being withdrawn and the friends I had been drawn to me. After realizing my potential I became more assertive a vowed to never treat my children the way my father treated me, but I do believe my father treated me the way he did because he did not want me to go down the same paths he had taken in life. I do think that it worked but I also feel that his love could have been shown in a more supportive way. Others who may have been put into this same situation may not know how to deal with it properly. By this I mean they may take it out on the children who can then lead to child abuse or even neglect. For instance, my sister, who raises her children in a single parent environment, does not know how to handle her emotions and often thinks back on how our father treated us. She now has three children, two sons and one daughter. She is not able to rear her daughter for fear she will turn out like her. Had my sister not recognized the signs of her hurt she may have continued the cycle and her children may have possibly been victims of abuse.
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