Unique and Complex Nature of Category 2 Decision Making Process

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1. Despite the unique and complex nature of category II decision process in nevertheless generic. Discuss
The decision making process is extremely complex in case of the category II decision process. Yet, it is not generic as the circumstances and the opinions of each of the decision makers’ matters a lot. People from different parts of the world may approach decision making based on their cultural backgrounds, value systems and also based on their capacity and willingness to take risk by bypassing the steps involved in the process of decision making. The risks of bypassing the steps in a decision-making models includes taking wrong decisions or decisions that are not well thought of mainly due the lack of proper prudence and
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Individual ethics are a set of norms created by the society and may exist in the implicit or explicit form. Individual ethics come from the environment and family. A person is brought up being aught ethics in school as well as other places of learning including parents and siblings. As he sees people around him following ethics he learns and understands them. Ethics and values are an important part of the value system of a society which defines as to what is right and what is not. It prescribes the norms that an individual in a society should adopt and follow.
Ethics and ethical practices should exist in the society in order to ensure that peace and harmony is maintained. Ethics helps achieve the goal of social justice and also equality for all. These impacts the decision made by an individual as the decision may then be positive or ethical based on his view on ethics. For example, the decision of the formation of corporate social responsibility policies in Honda is based on the top management’s view on social responsibility and their value system. Wal-Mart has three core values, ‘Respect for individuals, service for customers and striving for excellence’ (Wal-Mart, 2009). These values are clearly seen in all its processes. Wal-Mart’s employees are treated with due respect and are recognized for their work contributions. Customers are provided with quick service and are treated with respect. Wal-Mart
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