Unit 009 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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Form 2 Assessment front sheet and feedback record
PTLLS Level 4

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Another of my teaching methods delivered is by way of ‘on the job’ training which allows me to assess their progress, explore their knowledge and skill by observing and questioning their processes. This method of teaching falls in with Kolbs (1984) four stage experiential learning cycle.

Figure 1 Kolb's (1984) experiential learning cycle (Gravells. A 2012) The learner carries out the task, reviews it and learns from it and continually applies the doing of this task in their day to day job (plan, do, act and review), as part of their training they are required to complete a booklet of tasks and have this signed off by me the teacher when they are assessed as competent it can also be used as a reflective tool. They are also required legally to complete a CPD portfolio to show they are keeping up to date with the core subjects set out by the GDC on a three year cycle, which must have at least fifty hours of verifiable CPD.
Developing this teaching style does require time and the incorporation of different teaching strategies as well as being able to assess what is effective in my teaching, ensuring that the learners are

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