Unit 065 Essay

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Unit 065. Promote learning and development in the early years. Outcome 1.1. There are seven areas of development in the EYFS. The seven areas of development and are split up as three main areas and are physical development, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language. The other four are still important but not detrimental as the other areas and they are Understanding of the World, Literacy, Arts and Design and Maths. Physical Development. Physical development is the area of physical activity for moving and handling including fine motor and gross motor skills. This area of development includes gross activities such as running, walking, climbing etc and also fine motor so pencil/ brush control, handling objects…show more content…
In my setting we daily follow the EYFS and have at least one activity relating each learning area daily and we have a focus activity each week that relates to a different area each week so every child is assessed on that area by following the learning objectives set out in the correct age and stage in the EYFS guidance. As key workers we assess our key children in all areas to achieve to their standards and we record these in their learning development journals which we share with the child and parents. At the end of their time in our setting the child is four years old getting ready to enter reception in schools so they will be on their way to achieving the early learning goals they should reach by five years and this is recorded in their learning journeys and end of setting evaluation. Outcome 2.1. When I am planning work an individual I will observe them and assess how they liked the activity, if it kept their attention and if they were able to do it and if not what they require practice on. By observations and assessments I can plan work for the child I know they can achieve and enjoy. The child’s interests are paramount so what they enjoy is essential to my planning. I can also ask the parents of interests when we
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