Unit 1 Assignment 1: A Local Area Network (LAN)

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A Local Area Network (LAN) is a gathering of PCs that are associated together in a small, localized region to correspond with each other and offer resources. Information is sent as packets. The most broadly utilized LAN innovation is the Ethernet and is indicated in the standard IEEE 802.3. Ethernet utilizes a star topology as a part of which the individual devices are connected with each other by means of dynamic network hardware, for example, switches. Star topology permits clients to effectively extend and include more workstations. With the Star Topology set up, the Ethernet system would be picked utilizing 100BaseTX standard, Cat5 UTP links with information rates of 100Mbps.
The physical transmission medium for a wired LAN includes fundamentally
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The switch utilized as a part of the LAN system will be a Windstream Cisco switch that will course the system's majority information all through the system. Appended to the Cisco switch will be a Netgear switch and a Sonic Firewall that will control incoming and outgoing traffic. The Network Attached Storage (NAS) will give data access to customers, the intranet and VPN will permit the remote workplaces to join safely and access organization assets for the workplaces in the U.S. There will several switches associated with the LAN that will join the workstations, servers, printers, and telephone framework. The greater part of the organization clients and workstations will be overseen through active directory from the corporate headquarters in San Francisco.
The Wide Area Network (WAN) will interconnect the workplaces by means of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and leased line connections. The VPN connections will be utilized by actualizing Security Socket Layer (SSL) innovations. Utilizing SSL innovations, ABC Company will have the capacity to give the best adaptability to the remote client's in the U.S. Furthermore, there will be no loss of system performance. The VPN will utilize a public network and build up a secure tunnel connection with the inner system. The activity that goes through the passage is encrypted to ensure all information
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