Unit 1 Assignment 1-ADC: An Electronic Circuit

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1- ADC is an electronic circuit which transforms analog signals such as a sound picked by a microphone or light entering a digital camera to digital output, to binary number’s system. DAC does the reverse of ADC. Inputs are binary numbers and outputs are an analog voltage or current signal.

Generally, both ADC and DAC are used in many applications. For example, the voice is converted into an analog electrical signal by a microphone, then the analog signal is converted to a digital stream by an ADC. After some operations on computer, DAC converts this back into an analog electrical signal, which drives an audio amplifier and loudspeaker, and finally sound is produced.
For DAC: Most of audio signals are stored in digital form (for
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In this mode, screen is blank until trigger event occurs. If oscilloscope finds a trigger, then it acquires and displays one triggered screen of signal and then stops.

5- In order to produce correct waveform, oscilloscope probes must be properly compensated. In other words, proper match of the input impedance of the oscilloscope’s vertical input channel circuitry is required.

Overcompensated Compensated correctly Undercompensated

6- AC coupling blocks the DC component of a signal. Therefore, we see the waveform shifted down and centered at 0 volts.

7- Digital oscilloscopes have a special feature called horizontal trigger position control. When we change the position of it, we can see the preceding signal before triggering event called pre-trigger viewing. When we select pre-samples, the record length that counts the number of samples measured will divide into pre and post triggering
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