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In this assignment, I will talk about developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care. In order to achieve, I will explain the role of Effective communication and Interpersonal Reaction in a Health and Social Care setting context. I will also discuss theories of communication such as Formal and Informal communication. In order to have good communication skills it is important to understand the effectiveness of communication and interaction formed between people. Explain the role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care context. (P1) Effective Communication “Effective communication takes place when one person transmits ideas or feelings to another person or group. Its…show more content…
This may be because of legal requirements e.g. health and safety information where ensuring the Information of service users are kept protected; or in a hospital where Doctors need to talk about a patient who requires a certain treatment or diagnosis. Formal communication can be a piece of writing or be communicated verbally, for example, by an email or a letter. In some cases, different methods might be used to send the information across and make sure that it is understood fully. Communication between colleagues In life, the people who are around you more tend to know you well enough for there to be a sufficient and ample amount of communication. This includes family, who are the more likely people to know you better because they generally understand you better. The way you communicate with family doesn’t necessarily matter if it is conducted in an informal way, however, communication with strange people including those you work with, for example, colleagues, is totally a different thing. Firstly, showing respect in communication with other care workers is very important as for those who do not show respect to each other give out a negative impression to the service user. Secondly, to be able to successfully show colleagues that you value them, its pleasant to greet them by asking them how they are and by spending time by having a conversation. Thirdly, it is good to show that you are a good listener and are

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