Unit 1 Communicate In A Business Environment

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OCR Business Administration Level 3 Diploma

Unit 1
Communicate in a business environment

1.1 Analyse the communication needs of internal and external stakeholders
Stakeholders may include
• Shareholders
• Directors
• Colleagues and managers
• Customers
• The local community in which a business operates
• Standards agencies

External and Internal stakeholders should be approached using different communication methods according to stakeholder’s involvement with and position within the company. If I were to speak to an internal stakeholder for example my manager, I would preferably contact them in person or a phone call. That is because communicating in person is an easy and efficient way to communicate with a person at the same location
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When communicating with people outside of your work, for example in my working environment, if I am speaking to an enrolling student, I take extra effort to ensure that I am being highly professional so that they make a good impression of our college. However, I would also try not to use any in depth terms or phrases that might confuse or possibly belittle. I would also need to ensure in any written communication to an individual regarding the business that the punctuation and grammar are perfect as if they are not it looks unprofessional coming from our business and errors besides may even cause misunderstandings which could lead to further confusion in certain…show more content…
For example, a barrier to communications would be if you are having a phone call with someone and you are not talking clearly enough. It is not difficult to tweak your tone or volume on the phone ant it could make a big improvement in communication between you and the person you are communicating with over the phone. Another barrier of communication is the use of jargon. Using jargon when it is not necessary is not just disrespectful for the recipient as it can also be taken as patronising to them not understanding what you are talking to them about. It could then also cause confusion, guessing and misunderstandings to occur. This could then cause many issues, which could have been easily avoided. It is always easier and safer to be clear and professional with all correspondence. Lastly, another barrier of communication could be your emotional state. When you are talking to an individual not located within your business they expect a level of professionalism throughout the conversation but this can be affected if you are not in a good mood emotionally at the time. For example, if I was having a discussion on phone with a client and I was in a very distressed upset state, the emotions would come out in my voice tone without me even noticing it and affecting the way that phone call went as well as emotions of the recipient. Another
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