Unit 1 Communication P1, P2, M1

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Unit: Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care.
Task: 1

In this essay I will be explaining how I use good communication and interpersonal interactions with the residents I will meet on my work experience at a residential home for older people. I will be explaining the skills and strategies I will use to make communication making sure it is effective. My essay will talk about different types of communication for example one to one, with different types of people, including professionals and service users. I will use communication with a variety of people and consider the most appropriate form of communication to be applied making sure the needs of all individuals are met. I will also explain and discuss Argyle’s
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They might become forgetful and feel lost this is when the communication cycle is not effective as the person will have no idea what you are on about. To overcome this I will need find another way of communicating with the resident or find a carer that knows what to do and how to cope in these situations.
There are many barriers and reasons on why the communication is not effective, one of these being disabilities. Disabilities are a big barrier within communication this is when you need to change the way you communicate to meet the needs of the service user. The service user in the home could be deaf; if he/she is deaf it is pointless speaking to the person as they won’t understand you. There is no point in raising your voice or speaking clearer to try and make the person understand. You will need to change the way you communicate sign language is a way you can communicate with the person. Deaf people have no problem talking with people who also communicate by BSL. So when in the home if a person is deaf and you cannot communicate with them as you don't sign find someone that does. Residents in the home might also have sensory impairments meaning they might not be able to see, this is when we would use Braille to communicate.
Language is also a barrier to communication, if one of the people in the home speaks French you will need to speak French back. You cannot communicate with someone of another language if you don't know the language yourself. So you will need
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