Unit 1 Communication

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Unit 1. Developing effective communication in health and social care.
Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. CRITERIA P1.
In this piece of writing, I am to explain the role of effective communication in different context, the methods, the interpersonal interactions and how it support service users with their needs within health and social care context.
Communication is the two-way process of giving and sending information or ideas between two people or group of people. The role of effective communication within all health and social care services is
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All forms of pictures can send and receive messages easily to people who are deaf and use of Makaton which is also sign and symbols is often used as a communication process for people with learning difficulties and this makes the communication more effective as well as helping service users meet their needs. Interpersonal Interactions which is communication between people and it also build relationship. It about the way we send and receive messages, so in order for it to effective there must be a mutual understanding. So there should be a simple questions like, ‘what do I want to communicate? , why do I want to communicate and who am I communicating with’? BODY LANGUAGE is often used in health and social care environment to make communication effective because the way we sit or stand, which is called posture can send messages and even the way we fold our arms when communicating with someone suggest that we are feeling negative or defensive about the person or situation and this make communication ineffective because the service user may feel and think you are not ready to listen to them or helping them meet their needs. So when working within the health care setting, you should bring out a good body language such as waving arms around to indicate you excited and interested, do not shake head while someone is talking or service user trying to bring their own point of view because it might indicate you turning them off which is bad and not accepted from
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