Unit 1 Contribute to the Support of Child and Young Person Development

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Be able to contribute to assessments of the development needs of children and young people. 1.2 Identify different observation methods and know why they are used. Methods | Diary | TimeSampling | NarrativeRecords | Why I use this | To record what a child has done | To see if there is a regular pattern | To show a child’s progress | When I use this | All the time during your observations | When a child displays a change in their behaviour | Mon- Fri. during lunchtime | Advantage1 | Evidence of what a child has experienced | To identify a reoccurring pattern | Highlight area’s for progression | Advantage2 | To show parents their child’s achievements | This gives you written evidence | It can give you an all round view of…show more content…
The school must tell the parents if they start giving extra or different help to their child because of their SEN. The basic level of extra help is known as School Action, and could be: * a different way of teaching certain things * some extra help from an adult * using particular equipment like a computer or special desk * flexibility in planning * self concept and family background An IEP (Individual Education Plan) is used, before a term starts the school will hold a meeting for any outside agencies, the parents and teachers of the child to meet and discuss the next best plan of education for the child. Discussing the child’s interests preferred learning methods, targets, flexibility and interagency working with the child. Be able to support the development of children and young people. 2.2 Record observations of the child or young person’s participation in the activities. Here is an observation of some children playing with paper dolls and colouring. It was time for some of the children to get out some table top toys, so painting, colouring; drawings was put out as well as connect 4 and ludo games. The children divided them self’s up, I sat with some children on the colouring table, which we started to draw some pictures of dolls and people, child A had me drawing some people, a man, a woman, etc then child A sat down and started to colour in the pictures, while doing this child
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