Unit 1 - D1 – Evaluate Interpersonal and Written Communication Techniques. Introduction.

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D1 – Evaluate interpersonal and written communication techniques.
The most important thing when presenting is your interpersonal skills. Throughout this project I believe my interpersonal skills were good but there were plenty of improvements I could have made, I have been really successful in developing my interpersonal skills, I believe that it should be important that every student has the opportunity to improve their presentational skills or communication skills because at some point they will need it.
Unit 1 had tested my confidences and had me use a variety of interpersonal skills such as eye contact, movement, body language and my written techniques was also put to use and assessed in this unit.
Evaluating my
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Team work is the most respected attribute in an employee as I mentioned earlier in the evaluation, we were assessed on our team work. I worked with a classmate when creating the presentation. I created the slides while he did research on the topic and as our presentation was about computer components, my group member suggested that we borrow a motherboard from I.T support to support our presentation. All in all we managed to finish the presentation in less than a week, and we passed first time around, we were the first group to present in our class and I and my team member think we did pretty well. I chose to work with one person for our presentation because then it’s easier to communicate with one person and we could split the responsibility so it was easier to manage.
What I have learnt from watching others present having watched my peers/classmates presentations I have basically picked up a few do’s and don’ts while presenting. Some groups made obvious mistakes and they had to re-do the presentation, at the end of the presentation we had to assess the group which presented and then point out places for improvement. For example a few groups kept making the same mistake by facing the board and just reading of the board while others just stood there not participating hiding while other members of their group presented, there was this one incident where one group copied and pasted a text which they were unable to
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