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Unit 1 – Studying Written Language Reading non-fiction texts: This unit assesses your reading skills. You will be given two non-fiction texts to read in the exam and you will be required to answer several structured questions. The non-fiction texts may include:  Fact sheets  Leaflets  Formal and informal letters  Extracts from biographies  Extracts from diaries  Advertisements  Formal reports  Articles  Websites Visual Materials will always be included in the materials used; photos, diagrams,artworks and logos. Approaching the tasks You will need to answer all of the questions on the exam paper. These questions may require you to: …show more content…
Focus your response on the wording of the question and make your points clearly Making comparisons/contrasts When writing your response there are a number of key words and phrases that you can use to help you make links between the texts and develop your comparisons and contrasts The list below has some examples:  On the other hand…  However…  Compared with….  In contract to…  Whereas…  Unlike… The words below express similarities:  Similarly…  Likewise…  In the same way…  Equally… Grade boosting tips: In order to achieve the best possible grades you should:  Look at a variety of texts such as newspapers, magazines and advertisements  Be aware of how writers target different audiences  Identify ways that visual material is used together with written text to convey meaning and the effects this achieves  Consider language in detail and how it can be used to create a wide range of effects on the reader Understanding and interpreting written texts To do well in questions focussing on understanding and interpreting texts, you will need to:  Select material from the text that suits your purpose  Be able to interpret the writer’s ideas and be able to explain the views and perspectives presented in the texts  Answer questions with

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