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9/25/2014 Local Exchange NT 1310 Unit 1 Exercise 1 Guido Libreros 0 Unit 1. Exercise 1. Local Exchange Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes In this Exercise, you will explain how data travels long distances in a real world example. Assignment Requirements Online gaming is big business these days, with thousands of people connected to each other every minute. Games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft connect massive numbers of players, sending both data and voice communications back and forth in real-time. In a 1-2 page paper, discuss HOW the data gets sent from a computer or gaming system to the computer/gaming system of all of the people with whom one is playing. Specifically, focus on the local exchange interfaces – access,…show more content…
Second, there is a physical device that connects the computer to the network of lines he is communicating over. It could be a modem, a network card, a radio transmitter, or a router. Third, there is a set of software that allows the computer to send data across this network. There are a lot of layers to this software. At the top level, the computer sends some type of "packet" of data to the device and across the network. Typically, this is a TCP/IP packet. This basically tells you what the format of the data has to be, and what pieces of software computers need to have to send this kind of data. Finally, at the game layer, the game determines what other computer it needs to connect to, sends a request to the network device to establish the connection, and then sends data to the device so it can be sent. The network layer, when it receives data on a given connection, doesn't just store it, it sends it on to the application who has the connection. So the connection is essentially between two applications. Focusing on the physical access; the possibility that data can be send to players around the globe is all thanks to the infrastructure of telecom companies. Starting with the local access, which is provided by the local telephone companies (Local Exchange Carriers). These entities are responsible for ensuring the necessary access to the network and the reliable transportation of the information. The Local Exchange

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