Unit 1 Lab 1 Physical Networking

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Unit 1 Lab 1 Data on Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate June 16, 2014 Debate the Pros and Cons to having a purely cellular network vs. having a purely fixed line network Pro 's: Cost: Most wireline phone companies charge more than what you 'd pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phoneservice is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long Distance and extra features like Call Waiting are normally included with alternative phones. • Portability: If you move your home more than average (or if it 's on wheels), your phone and your number can stay with you. There are no "installation" charges. • Temporary Usage: You can have phone service for the season in a vacation…show more content…
• Lack of Service: You may be in a location where there are no wireless broadband alternatives or may have poor cellular coverage. This might be rectified by adding a 'cell site ' to your home. • Broadband Data Speeds: While there are some fairly fast wireless broadband connections, it may be some time before they will compare to wired or cable connections. • Malfunctions: Cell sites can stop working for various reasons. Repairs often need to be made on site and may take time. Broadband services require one or more pieces of equipment at your house which you will need to fix if it fails. Wireline equipment can normally be repaired at the central office. Murphy 's Law says breakdowns will happen at the worst possible time. • You Have No Backup: Unless you have an extra cellular phone, if something happens to your main phone or its associated equipment, or your account, you can 't just plug another phone into the wall. • Inconvenience: Some alternative services only offer a single jack for one phone. If you want service throughout the house you either must go wi-fi or cellular. Otherwise, plan on using the phone near your computer or router. With a cell phone you need to keep it close to you if your home is large or on multiple floors. • It Might be Difficult to Get a Job: Some employers require a "Local" number to consider you for a position. While you can change your out-of-town portable number to something local, there goes your
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