Unit 1 Lesson 1 Key Question Biology SBI4U Essay

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Unit 1 Lesson 1 Key Question Biology SBI4U-C ILC 1) Mg2+ Has 10 electrons. 2) Carbon -14 would not be effective at dating bones that are millions of years old. Carbon -14 is effective at dating to a maximum of 40 000 to 50 000 years old. The isotope decays over time and would not be present on bones that are millions of years old. 3) Hydrolysis - Water used to breakdown molecules. Hydro means water and lysis means to breakdown. An example of hydrolysis in action within our bodies is how our body breaks down protein into amino acids. Water is used to break protein down in to its amino acids. Condensation- Condensation is when two molecules combine and form one bigger molecule. It is exact opposite process of hydrolysis. It is also…show more content…
The functional groups are called aminos and carboxyls. The linkage type is by using a peptide bond. The primary function of protein is build and repairs the body. c)Lipids monomer(s) are called fatty acid and glycerol. The functional group is called ester. The linkage type of lipids is non polar bonds or sometimes called ester bonds. The primary function of lipids is energy, hormone production and insulation of the body. D)Nucleic Acids monomer(s) are called nucleotide. The functional group is dna(Deoxyribonucleic acid) and rna(Ribonucleic acid). The linkage type is covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. The primary function of nucleic acid is to store and transfer genetic material. 6) Box on right illustrates the peptide bond resulting from the condensation of both the amino acids. The box on the left illustrates the separation of the hydroxide group from glycine and the hydrogen atom from valine. 7)a) You would do the Benedict’s reagent test for simple sugars and the Lugol’s solution or Iodine test for polysaccharides and starch. To test the lipids you would use the Sudan iV test and Biurets reagent test for protein. b) Benedict test the solution color will change from blue to pink/orange red, indicating simple sugars are present. Lugols test the solution color will change from yellowish brown to dark purple, indicating starch and polysaccharides are present. Sudan iV test the lipid content will turn into red, indicating lipids are

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