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EDI Level 5 Care, Leadership & Management. Unit 1 CU2941. 1:1 Review the range of group individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. In my job role I communicate with many varied groups. On a daily basis communicate with clients and their families in order to deal with any queries or concerns regarding the support we provide. I have frequent communication with external agencies Social Services, CPN other support agencies to discuss concerns regarding the clients’ health and wellbeing. On occasion I am also required to contact GP’s if a client becomes unwell I may also have to talk with other specialists, alcohol and drug services in order to make referrals on behalf…show more content…
If the client does not feel their opinions are valued they may disengage from the service making it difficult to support them fully and offer them the help and support they need to live as independently as possible and discouraging them from accessing their right to have their say about how they feel the service should be run and any improvements they feel would be beneficial, mistrust can also create hostility from the client making it difficult to communicate and making it difficult for us as service providers to meet their needs. Staff Communication barriers could also be caused due to staff not feeling able to approach myself or a fellow colleague as they feel their opinions will not be taken into consideration or feel in the past this has been the case. They may choose to confide in one member of the management team as they feel they get a more positive response which could result in animosity and conflict amongst the managers as they would feel their advice is not valued as much. 1.4 Implement a strategy to overcome communication barriers. Within my work role I overcome communication barriers by asking the client what their preferred form of communication is. I do this verbally in person or over the phone, through an initial Needs Assessment which is completed at the first stage of receiving support (see Needs Assessment, Page 8). We

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