Unit 1: Managing Up: the Framework of Public Sector Management

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UNIT 1: MANAGING UP: THE FRAMEWORK OF PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENT |MINOR ASSIGNMENT – READING REPORT TEMPLATE | Participants – use this template for your reading report. Delete the prompters from the template headings (the parts in brackets) before you submit. Also, insert your details in the header of your reading report. |Participant’s name: | | |Position, section, organisation: | | Reading |Wanna, J 2007, “Improving federalism:…show more content…
| | | |Wanna reports the roundtable believed that the system could be improved and that the positive aspects of federalism could be | |enhanced via the Council of Australian Government – separation of responsibility, competitive governments and increased | |accountability. Wanna considers whether clarifying the responsibilities of each level of government leads to better services and | |concludes that the issue was unresolved. Wanna presents the states’ perspective of a commonwealth government that is able to | |dictate policy because of its financial resources, however he does not balance this argument with the commonwealth perspective. | | | |Wanna reports that the roundtable concludes that over the next 20 years that fiscal issues would become more important and this | |would gravitate
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