Unit 1 - P1 Health and Social Care Level 3

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Welcome To Sailson Care Home


Welcome to Sailson Care Home!
At our care home we provide and assist our residents with all the support and care alongside the company and security they need, to help the residents live their lives to the fullest.
The Sailson care home is run by the Sailson Charity that specialises in the care of elderly people. It is a friendly and relaxed home set in the country grounds of Everest hills looking over large valleys and the local village.
At Sailson we as carers want to provide our best efforts to attend to everybody’s needs and we aim to:
· Help our residents with any choices and decisions they need to make without making the decision for them.
· Always make sure our residents feel
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When we are communicating verbally with a client we have to remain polite, calm and focused, this is so messages don’t get misinterpreted and the progress of the conversation will be successful.
Open communication
Open communication usually happens in the first few minutes when meeting a person because first impressions are really important for the progress of the rest of the conversation. We as individuals tend to have our own way of communicating with people and expectations of how an initial meeting should be. When these interpersonal expectations are not to the standards of the individual there will be a clash and the conversation will not work out as effectively as it would if the personal expectations were met.
When meeting the client for the first time you have to create a positive atmosphere, this is so it is easier to build up a rapport with your client. You have to remember to keep it formal and to use appropriate body language for instance, using a handshake and remaining eye contact whilst keeping a warm smile on your face when greeting your client, will help your client to feel comfortable around you. You should start your conversation on a neutral subject e.g. asking service user how their journey was to meet you; this will be a good conversation starter because this is more likely to encourage you and the client to want to carry on your conversation positively, than for you to have a blank facial

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