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Supplemental Reading Worksheet #1 The ENIAC Story – By Martin H. Weik, 1961 (web article) Steve Wozniak - Gnomedex Presentation (.mp3 audio) The ‘ENIAC Story’ is a historical account of the creation of the world’s first electronic digital computer. The intent of this reading is to provide some historical context to understanding today’s information systems. There are so many interesting stories and events that we could read about – but where it all began is probably as good as any place to get started. Some of us are old enough to remember when the first Personal Computers appeared in the mid 1970s, I bought my first computer in 1980 for $309 (I still have it and can’t bring myself to throw it out – despite my wife’s nagging). It was…show more content…
The full audio presentation is offered in two parts (Part I, and Part II). You are only required to listen to part I. Part II is also available at the itconversations web site. You can download the audio as an .mp3 file or simply stream the audio by clicking on the play button. Relax and enjoy the presentation. (47 minutes) If you have never downloaded or streamed an .mp3 audio file, taking the time to learn how to download and listen to audio files is well worth your effort. If you have difficulty getting this to work you can post a question on the Help discussion board. You should have no difficulty downloading an .mp3 audio file – even if you are tied to a dial-up Internet connection. If you do not have audio capabilities on your home computer, you can email you instructor about campus resources where you can access audio capable computers. http://www.itconversations.com/shows/detail214.html 11. Why did Steve Wozniak buy a hybrid car? 12. What non-cash items did Steve Wozniak and his childhood friends work for as kids? 13. What simple consumer electronic product changed Steve’s thinking as a 5th grader? 14. What game did Steve Wozniak build an electronic version of in the 6th grade? 15. What community college did Steve

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