Unit 1 – Supporting Teaching and Learning Activities in Schools

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Unit 1 – Supporting teaching and learning activities in schools 1.1 A teaching assistant can have discussions with the teacher after obtaining a copy of the prepared lesson plan. Some time may need to be set aside for these discussions to take place, such as break or lunch times. These lesson plans are usually prepared in advance, the teaching assistant can provide support by doing their own prep work or helping out with task resources. There are three stages of planning: Long-term, medium-term and short-term. Long term requires the coverage of subjects for the academic year ahead, in conjunction with the National Curriculum. Medium-term requires a breakdown of all subjects to show what is required, such as learning outcomes and…show more content…
Equipment must be safe to use and the teaching assistant should know how to use the equipment. Any equipment needed should be obtained before the activity and ensure that there is enough equipment for all pupils. Lack of space, noise and temperature could cause issues with pupil’s attention span. These can be rectified by finding any alternative space, to both increase stimulation and reduce noise, also reducing or increasing temperature by controlling the classroom windows. Some pupils may find the activity either too easy or too difficult therefore the activity may need to be adapted to suit the needs of these pupils. Also additional activities may be included for those pupils who finish quicker than others. The teaching assistant must take each pupil’s learning needs into consideration. Each pupil may display a variety of behaviours which causes them to be unfocussed with the task at hand. These may include inappropriate behaviour, lack of concentration or self- esteem issues. To rectify this, a teaching assistant could praise the pupil for working hard or try to address any underlying issues, such as family troubles. Pupils which constantly disturb others may need to be moved away. Pupils may also have difficulties with the work in general or they may have listening troubles. Asking pupils to evaluate their own work may enable them to identify their own problems and the teaching assistant can address these where appropriate.

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