Unit 10 – Assessment 4 - Child Abuse.

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Unit 10 – Assessment 4 P4 – Describe the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Most children are not at risk of abuse in their family homes however there are situations that increase the risk. However stresses and strains on the family can cause one or both of the parents to react in anger and take it out on the child. It is usually the most vulnerable or the youngest member of the family unit who is the victim of the abuse. Abuse is usually as a result of the parents having bad parenting skills or not having an attachment in the family. Sign and Symptoms of Abuse It can be easy to tell which accidents are accidental and which are non-accidental for example, places such as: nose, forehead, crown, chin, bony spine, elbows, forearm, hip,…show more content…
* Notify Ofsted of any incidents or accidents and changes * Always listen to the child. Responding to direct or indirect disclosure To disclose information is to tell another person about an incident or event. Direct disclosure occurs when the child or young person informs someone directly that they have been abused or exploited, this may begin as just a comment that then requires further investigation. Indirect disclosure usually involves a third party who may have information that or added comments from the child that rings alarm bells. From this point staff will observe behaviour that might indicate possible abuse or the child may be sexually aware and act in an inappropriate way. Or the child may make of comment that alerts the listeners. It is important that you listen carefully and attentively when a child or young person is talking, especially if it is about a difficult subject like abuse. The adult must not interpret words incorrectly and make sure they are clear of what the child is saying, that there is no misunderstanding. The adult must not show shock or disgust, especially if the child is younger, as this could make the child reluctant to disclose if you do. Do not rush the child or young person. Let them take their time as rushing them could distract them or make them feel as if you do not care. Saying ‘hurry up, I have other things to do as well’ to a child when they are telling you about a situation that may not have been
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