Unit 10 Assignment – Caring For Children and Young People – Task 3

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Unit 10 Assignment – Caring For Children and Young People – Task 3 within this assignment I will be talking about the factors which could lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse, different strategies and methods that are used in order to minimise the harm to children, young people and their families where and when the abuse is confirmed. I will also be talking about the responses where child maltreatment or abuse is suspected or confirmed relating to current legislations and policies. Task 3 (P3, M3, D2) – Explain the physical, social and emotional signs that may signify that a child is being maltreated or abused. Signs may or not prove that maltreatment or abuse is occurring however awareness of the signs and symptoms needs to…show more content…
The two main ways which you can spot signs of maltreatment is physically and via the child's behaviour. Indicators of maltreatment which would be physical on the children would be constant bruising on their skin, if you see one bruise you can’t automatically assume there is maltreatment going on within their family home as all children at a young age have bruises every now and then from falling over, however if you are constantly seeing bruises that aren’t going and instead getting worse, that can be a indicator of maltreatment. That ties in with any unexplained injuries that may be spotted on the child at any given time. If you happen to see the child has an injury which is considered as unexplained as it may not be a normal everyday injury, that can indicate maltreatment within the child's family home. Soreness in places which shouldn’t be sore can be a big indicator of maltreatment occurring within the family home. If the child seems underweight or may not be the average size for a child of their age can be an indicator of maltreatment within the family home, whereby they aren’t being fed the right amount of food or are going hungry at home from being ignored. With the child having poor personal hygiene, it can be an indicator of maltreatment happening within the family home where they aren’t getting treated how they should be and may have to fend for themselves and at the age they are at they don’t really understand what they

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