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To: N Talty-Nangle From: Zaid Khan Date: 16/11/12 Terms of Reference In this essay I will be explaining and evaluating the method chosen and used by Pinewood Hotel in order to gain a better insight onto how aspects of their website are rated, and how it compares to their competitors. In addition to this, I will evaluate the findings that were gained from the research method used by the researchers at Pinewood Hotel. Procedure The information used in this report was gained from several different sources. For example, I have used information from my P4 survey, as well as my P3, M2 presentation and my M1 table of various data collection methods. Findings To begin within the p4 task, we had to design and construct a questionnaire using…show more content…
However hotel records have already been created previously and therefore the accuracy of the data is much higher than a few primary methods. Sampling Methods In terms of choosing my sampling method, I chose quota sampling. This is because we chose to survey 30 people in total but divide the group into genders; males and females. Therefore; 15 males and 15 females were surveyed. This was an important sampling method to choose because it was quite accurate. It was less biased as we decided to interview both genders, leading to varied results for our market research team. We also chose to have quota sampling, because it was the most efficient sampling method which gave us the most accurate information we set out to find. I feel it was important to have more than one division; that being males and females. This is purely because males and females have much diverse views and opinions and also priorities such as; males being more interested in booking rooms and assessing the online services, where the females would also enjoy the online services, but would show more interest in the facilities available, therefore it was quite key to find out how each gender progressed through the surveys. I feel that quota sampling is much more accurate than other sampling methods such as random sampling. This is because random sampling will leave the researchers with a range of results, which will be harder to compare or formulate decisions

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