Unit 10 D1

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Evaluate the skills and techniques required to successfully perform in two different land-based outdoor and adventurous activities Rock climbing and hiking requires particular skills and knowledge and techniques to be performed successfully and with pleasure rather than discomfort. What are the main reasons for these skills and techniques, why they are good and what could happen if you would not have them. The advantages of effective planning and preparation is that you will be ready for most of the challenges you possible can face during the activities. It is not possible to prepare for everything, but you need to decrease the chances of getting in trouble as much as you can. Lack of preparation can result in poor performance and…show more content…
Without this ability participants can make wrong decisions and injure themselves by thinking that they are capable of doing something when they are not. To increase awareness of dynamic risk assessing skills, it is important to understand what the injuries can lead to and why safety is important. When participants have knowledge of consequences they are less likely to misbehave and act unsafely. Navigational skills are mainly a major advantage for hiking activity as it would certainly help to complete the expedition without getting lost. In other words it is almost impossible to complete specific route without navigational skills like map reading, bearings, using route card and taking grid references. If you are not capable of navigating with map, compass and route card it is likely that expedition will result a failure, so before a hike you have to ensure that you are capable of navigating or have someone to guide you through expedition. Navigational techniques such as hand railing, pacing and aiming of are designed for hiking activity mainly to assist and aid navigation. The advantage of using them is that it can make hiking easier and more comfortable to navigate, but it cannot be a replacement for navigational skills. To learn these techniques a simple practise can be done and its effectiveness observed by experienced hiker. Rock climbing techniques could be very

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