Unit 10 Guide Aat Essay

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Managing systems and people in the accounting environment
Report writing guide for unit 10

Francesca Harper MAAT, recently completed her unit 10 project.

“My biggest recommendation is to set yourself a deadline to complete your project. I did this, based on when I was taking my final AAT exams, and it gave me the drive to not let unit 10 linger. I had to give it one final push. After all, I’d worked so hard over the past two and a half years – why fall at the final hurdle?”

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Developing your skills through assessment Your responsibility as the learner Responsibility of your assessor Workplace mentor How to get started Identifying the topic Report writing tips Structure of your report

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Your assessor will look at your work throughout the time it takes to complete the project.
It is your assessor’s responsibility to: • schedule the assessment • agree the theme for the report • monitor the collection of evidence • give guidance on the draft report • give additional assessment opportunities as necessary • assess your final project • hold an assessment interview.

Francesca’s tip

“Before you start writing your project, go through each of the mapping requirements and note an example for each. Then when writing your project, make sure you include these examples. This ensures you cover everything needed to achieve unit 10.”

Workplace mentor
We recommend that you arrange for someone to be a workplace mentor. If you’re currently working in an accounting role, you should receive support and guidance from your employer as well as your assessor throughout the development of your project. They will also have a greater understanding about your chosen topic than your assessor can have.
Your mentor does not have to be your manager but should be someone who can help you through your project, providing both technical and motivational support. Try to make sure that your mentor is involved in your work from the outset and understands the standards and timescales you’re working to. They may be able to offer guidance on suitable ideas for the project by identifying current problems
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