Unit 10 Introduction to marketing research M1

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Unit 10 Introduction to marketing research M1
Explain the context in which different marketing research methods are appropriate.

Customer Behaviour
In order to effectively undertake market research on customer behaviour; such as expected prices, how they react to certain methods of research and what kind of care do the customers expect after the purchase is made, it would be best to use observation along with focus groups. Surveys, if used, should be done face to face by door knocking as it is more convenient and has a high response rate. The survey should include quantitative and qualitative type’s questions in order to get a `broader view of the customers’ behaviour. Questions could include “What do you think affects your behaviour
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This can be done mostly in quantitative format as the answers are mainly yes and no or multiple choice. This will help build nice graphs for easy analysis.

Product Development Success
To measure product development success I would use surveys online and pay a survey website to put your businesses questions on the site for a small fee. This will ask the public questions like if they, personally, saw the product as a success in their area of the world and questions asking what products might be needed to achieve international success.

Experimentation methods can be used to develop a product by testing whether their product awareness increases after certain campaigns, different packaging or new products are released. This will help change the product over time into something they public prefer.

Emergence of new markets
To research the new markets that are appearing a survey method would be appropriate. It would have to be done on business critiques face to face or online and ask questions such as what products are likely to have appeal in the new market, where would consumers expect to buy this new product from and what type of promotional activity will be effective in these markets? Alternatively an interview could also be done on experts in business and marketing to reveal experienced answers.

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