Unit 10 M2 Business Enterprise Essay example

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In this assignment I will be explaining the reasons for selecting the particular method of data collection for a selected product/service. The selected product that I will be collecting data for is an anti-depression medication made my HML (Hutchinsons Medical Limited). The data collecting method I’ve chosen is face to face interviews in order to get the respondents full attention and collect data without any distractions. I intend on finding out the respondent’s age, whether they suffer from depression/anxiety, whether they take medication for their depression/anxiety, and which form of our product they would prefer to purchase (roll on, cream, liquid, pills). The sampling method that I chose was probability sampling. I chose this…show more content…
It’s also not easy to have an accurate quota frame because of the unavailability on current information. You could divide the population in groups but this means extending sampling requirements and bringing in more groups. This would cost money as well take time when the current method itself takes a lot of time. There were some problems while collecting the data as some people that were interviewed didn’t even suffer from either anxiety or depression which meant that a lot of time was wasted. There were also some people that started to lose interest halfway through the interview meaning that their answers became short and less detailed which didn’t help at all. At one point there was someone that didn’t really speak English which meant there was a language barrier so a translator was brought in but this held up the process as we didn’t know beforehand. Secondary Data Collection I collected secondary data off google because it’s easy and free as well as time and cost effective and I also wanted to find out about the population and the side effects of anti-depression medication. Another site used was ONS they regularly update the information so it’s accurate. Conclusion Despite some problems with the data collection, it was still comprehensive enough to use for the HML anti depression product. The aim for selecting certain methods of data collection i.e. secondary data and random sampling for HML products is because the
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