Unit 10- P5 and M3

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There are a number of strategies that are able to be considered to support not only children and young people but the parents and families where abuse is suspected or confirmed. These strategies refer to a plan of action in order to achieve a particular goal, an example of this could be that they are able to minimise the actual or potential impact of abuse or poverty that may occur within families. The aim of strategies for children and young people are in place to protect these individuals from being abused or exploited in some way and by using strategies these are able to reduce the risk of abuse, and help children and young people realise they have a ‘right to be safe, secure and free from harm’. (Snaith.M, 2010) Moreover, It can be…show more content…
(http://www.healthguidance.org/) The use of discipline is implemented in classes and how to raise a happy and healthy child is key. These classes are taken in order for parents to assist them in the care of their children, however it is shown here some may be advised to go due to them being ‘required by court systems due to neglect or abuse’ (http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/) .This is suspected within the case of baby K and the fourteen year old furthermore this could be a strategy used for this family.
By attending these classes they will not only benefit the mother gaining knowledge on how to care for baby K and the mother’s sister but for the children to also benefit. It can be shown as a benefit for the mother’s sister if the guardians of her were to attend these classes as it enables them to be provided with the knowledge on how to support her development due to her additional learning difficulties and the behaviour she may portray as a result of her age. This can be supported by the above ‘other classes may include support for older children with their development and behaviour at each age’. (http://www.healthguidance.org/) The parental classes can be seen to benefit the mother is through her gaining the knowledge on how to care for the baby K’s basic needs. As within the case study it said she was unable to ‘wean the baby’ and provided the child with

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