Unit 10 Psoriasis Research Papers

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Psoriasis is a common, recurrent and chronic inflammatory condition of the skin.1, 9 It may affect the nails and the joints, as well.2, 4 Classically, the skin lesion is a well-defined, erythematous scaly plaque over the scalp, the lumbosacral area and the extensor aspect of the limbs.1, 9 A wide spectrum of clinical patterns of skin, nail and joint psoriasis exists.1, 2 Psoriasis occurs worldwide but prevalence varies among various ethnic groups.10 Evidence supports a polygenic etiology. 1 Besides considered as key determinants in the disease process. 1, 2 Psoriasis may begin at any age and a bimodal age of onset has been recognized.4 Positive family history has been frequently reported among patients who have an early disease onset.2 The
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