Unit 103 Support Individuals with Self-Directed Support Essay

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Unit 103: Support Individuals with Self-Directed Support 1. Understand self-directed support:- 1.1 Explain the principles underpinning self-directed support and how this differs from traditional support:- The principles underpinning self-directed support and how it differs to traditional support is as follows:- Right to independent living - If someone has an impairment they should be able to get the support they need to live an independent life. Right to a personal budget - If someone needs ongoing support they should be able to decide how the money that pays for that support is used. Right to self-determination - If someone needs help to make decisions then decision-making should involve that person as much as possible…show more content…
c. Support plan Your Social worker will help you do your support plan and then it will be taken to a panel who will then agree it when they feel it meets your needs. d. Outcome focused review An outcome-focused review is part of the self-directed support process. It is a way of carrying out reviews that puts the main focus on the results being achieved for the person and his or her family. The purpose of an outcome-focused review is to: Review progress in using a personal budget to achieve the outcomes set out in the person’s support plan Share learning about what has been tried and worked or not worked Identify next steps to achieve these goals Update the support plan Make clear if the person’s support needs have changed, and Help the council to check if the person is still eligible for social care. The outcome-focused review process is designed to be used for people who already have a personal budget. However, it can work effectively for people who have not yet completed the self-directed support process, for example people who have an existing direct payment and those with a traditional care package. 1.5 Outline the possible barriers to self-directed support:- Some possible barriers to self-directed support are as follows:- Self-directed support is publicised insufficiently. If the local third sector is not actively involved then practical and peer support for individuals may be insufficient. It is not always clear how
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