Unit 11 Assignment 2 Cardiovascular And Transport Systems

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Unit 11 Assignment 2: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems M2. Explain the need for a transport system in a multi-cellular organism There are two types of cellular organisms: • Unicellular organism • Multi-cellular organism Unicellular Organism A unicellular organism is a single celled organism (one cell), which is to rely on the process of diffusion, when moving different substances in and out of other cells, due to its structure it has a larger surface area in comparison to its volume; this is because each organism is built for a specific function. However, they transport materials such as oxygen and urea in and out of bodies, through diffusion and osmosis. Multi-cellular Organism A multi-cellular is consists of more than one cell, it has a small surface area, compared to its volume. This means that its structure is specialised to do more than one function, especially exchanging surfaces, such as lungs, and transporting systems. Its transportation system requires food and oxygen to be transported from one place to another. Why do we need a transport system? The reason for having a transport system is because the single-celled organisms, also known as unicellular organism are small, meaning that they have a large surface area, in comparison to their volume; a large surface area to volume ratio. As they are known for having one cell, the substances diffuse through their relatively large plasma membrane. This also means that they are able to diffuse
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