Unit 11 Health and Social Care P5 Essay

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P5 Unit 11 Outline working strategies and procedures to reduce the risk of abuse Multi agency working This is where professionals from multiple agencies meet together to work towards the best possible care of an individual. They will combine their skills and do a single assessment to assess needs of the client, as opposed to each professional doing an individual assessment. Working in partnerships with adults using services This is where encouragement for the use of services helps to gain trust between professionals and clients or their families. By ensuring of policies and working routines, then the cared for individual can feel more confident that they will be able to flag up any concerns, worries or comments. It promotes a…show more content…
People who do not follow the codes of practice may be unable to remain in their chosen profession. National Frame for Good Practice and Outcomes in Adult Protection This sets a group of national standards or service models to show how best to deliver a service. It promotes multi agency working to provide the best level of care for a service user. Dignity in Care initiative This is a campaign to stop lack of respect show to service users and to ensure that their dignity is maintained through good and positive service. It encourages challenging of poor service or lack of respect. Human Rights in Healthcare This is assists and promotes the use of human rights practice in work within delivery of care services, particularly within the NHS. It encourages fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy. Closer working between professionals This means that records to care will be made and then logged so that the care can be noted and continued or altered. It means that concerns can be shared and can bring attention to alterations in behaviour towards particular members of staff or visitors. It can also log any illness. The communication means that care givers can work together to provide continuous care. Care Quality Commission This ensures that all organisations under their watch are working to a set of rules and regulations that apply to them. They regulate the care given and inspect institutions to ensure that optimal care that conforms to
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