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This assignment will describe the forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults; describing indicators that abuse may be happening to adults. It will then look at factors that may lead to abusive situations and assess the possible immediate effects of two different forms of abuse. The abuse that will be specifically looked at will be sexual and financial abuse, further extending by evaluating the potential long term effects of the two types of abuse. Abuse is a violation of a person’s civil and human rights. There are different types of abuse and they all set out to intentionally or unintentionally put a person at risk and cause harm. An individual may not disclose that the abuse is taking place due to fear, being aware of…show more content…
Appearing undernourished from being deprived food or having lost their appetite due to the abuse. Behaviour which signifies that the person is afraid of the perpetrator, such as a sudden change in behaviour when the person’s name is mentioned. Also, frequently changing a person’s G.P surgery in order for the physical abuse not to be noticed can also be an indicator that physical abuse may be taking place. Sexual abuse is any type of non-consensual contact which an adult cannot or hasn’t consented to or has been put under pressure to do so. It can include a person touching your private parts or making you touch theirs. Forcing a person to perform sexual acts on them or receive them which can then result in rape. Situations that make a person feel uncomfortable, for example making sexual comments, making a person watch pornography videos or rubbing their body against theirs. Indicators that sexual abuse may be happening to a person include, sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy especially in extremely vulnerable people, such as the elderly or people who lack mental capacity. Cuts, bruises or bleeding in the genital or anal areas from penetration or sexual contact. The person being abused may have changes in their demeanour and behaviour which is out of character for them. Damaged and stained underwear can also show signs that abuse is taking place and stained bedsheets,

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