Unit 12 Assingment Brief

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BTEC National Diploma in Business

Learner Instructions / Assignment Brief

Unit 12: Investigating Internet Marketing

Guided learning hours : 60
Teacher K. Eckmeyer
Issued : February 2011

Table of content

Unit abstract 3
Content 3
Learning outcomes 3
Due Dates: 3
Scenario 3
P-1 Describe what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context 3
P-2 Describe the principal benefits of internet marketing to customers 3
M-1 Analyse the benefits of internet marketing for customers 3
D-1 Evaluate the effectiveness of internet business 3
P-3 The benefits and opportunities to the business o 3
P-4 Investigate the challenges faced by businesses using internet Marketing 3
Delivery 3
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name, class, teachers name, version, due date, Assignment number), page numbers, table of content, introduction, conclusion.

All work handed in should cover all criteria.

Not complying to the requirement, handed in work will automatically not be checked.

All feedback provided for the first version has to be processed in the second version.

Due dates are always on Monday before 16h30 and should be handed in personally to the assessor.

All the work you hand in must be in your own words!


Scenario: You are a business analyst and have a special interest in e-marketing. Your firm advice his clients what their online benefit and

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