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Jessica Tibbs Unit 12: Understanding Mental health problems Within this unit I will be showing my past and learnt knowledge of the main forms of mental health problems according to the psychiatric classification system. I will be looking at the strengths, Limitations and alternative frameworks for understanding mental health. I will also demonstrate ways in which mental health problems can and do impact the individual and there social network. 1.1 Most Mental heath problems can be categorised into two categories ‘Neurotic’ and ‘Psychotic’ Neurotic health issues are most common forms of mental heath throughout the UK and are normally seen as severe forms of emotion stress. Examples include- Stress, Depression, anxiety etc The less…show more content…
The biological model draws on traditional medicine and attempts to identify the presence of a ‘stable’ phenomenon called mental illness through scientific objectivity. One of the consequences of viewing Mental illness in this manner is the belief that such illnesses can be identified and classified (As in the DSM & ICD) 1.4 Mental health is indicated in many ways, including • Attitudes of the individual towards him/herself • Individuals style and degree of growth, development or self-actualisation • Individual’s relation to reality in terms of Autonomy, Perception of reality, and environmental mastery. • The ability of an individual to integrate developing and different aspects of themselves over time. Mental health issues can also be indicated threw individuals emotions, thinking and behaviour. Common signs may include Depression, OCD, anxieties, Eating disorders, phobias etc...Common behaviours as a result of this may include self harm, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. 2.1 Individuals with a mental health illness tend to experience discrimination due to misinformation, assumptions and stereotyping. Many people in our society are not educated on the subject of mental illnesses and often have misconceptions about the conditions and what affects these pre conceived ideas can have on the individual suffering from the

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