Unit 12 P5 Health and Social Care Essay

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P5 - explain health promotion and protection Health Promotion This is the process of allowing people to have more control over their health as this will help improve their health and well-being. It focuses on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and interventions. Health promotion is how health is shown for example to challenge obesity change 4 life is used so people can have a guidance on how to make their lifestyle healthier. It also shows that health promotion is aimed at individuals whose health is at risk from any diseases from lifestyle factors, which lets individuals take control over their health. By being able to have control over their health it shows individuals what may have happened if nothing was done of it…show more content…
The roots of the tree suggest the requirement of understanding the conditions that conclude health and ill health; biological inheritance, physical environment, cultural, social, political and economic circumstances. The understanding of who, when and where is affected enables possible interventions to be identified. The trunk of the tree illustrates the importance of organisational commitment to improving health. Lastly, the branches describe key areas for health promotion activity and those elements of the setting that contribute to health. Health promotion works by the belief system. The belief system is when an individual is experiencing change in their health. The belief system is made up of many positive factors such as; health, aesthetic gain, benefits to family, pariah status and financial gain. This belief system can be used in many health issues such as overcoming obesity. There are many positives for overcoming obesity which are; reducing the chance of getting illnesses/diseases, heart disease, infertility, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and strokes. The aesthetic gain It would be that people would lose weight more and then would look/be thinner. Benefits to family The benefits to the family would be that by them being healthier the rest of the family may be influenced to start being healthy to avoid the risk of developing any illness/disease. The pariah status This would be that they look

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