Unit 12 Task 2

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`P4 Explain the main factors affecting the current patterns of health in the uk M2 - Discuss the factors likely influence current and future health patterns in the uk D1 - Evaluate the influence of government on factors that contribute to the current patterns of health and illness in the uk It is highly known that there is a difference in social classes, culture and socio-economic lifestyles between the north and south of England. This ranges from the accessibility of treatments, the range of income and life expectancy and also morbidity and mortality rates. (© Times Newspapers Limited 2015) This can be known as the postcode lottery. Although the government try to enforce health care provisions to prevent these health…show more content…
The poor housing and diet are major factors of developing the four deadly diseases mentioned above. The office for national statistics reports that up to 1.1 million houses in England and Wales are overcrowded. This can have an impact on people such as a lack of privacy, cramped living conditions which may cause sleep disturbance and also affect a child’s education due to not having the silence or space to study. All of these factors could lead to anxiety and depression which would affect the patterns of public health in the uk. The North and South divide may be influenced by the population. According to wikipedia, there are 14.5 million citizens currently living in the North of England, with a staggering 8 million people living in London alone. As there are evidently much more residents in the South of England this may be why there’s a lot more money there, it also may be down to the fact London is the capital and a worldwide attraction. According to ‘The Mirror’ there report released that the average annual wage for someone in the North East of england is £24,084 and for a London citizen is £35,238. The UK overall have a typical annual salary of £27,017, the difference in income would definitely affects someone's lifestyle and there opportunities. One factor to longer life expectancy and better health throughout the UK however there may be a divide, is that the government introduced the NHS in 1984.
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