Unit 12 – Technical Support (Assignment 1) –P1

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By Hayden Sharp |

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Remote Desktop 3-5
Monitoring Tools 6-7
Third Party Software 8-10
Administrative Tools 11-12
Techniques 13

IT Technical Support (P1)

In this report shall be investigating the different tools and techniques used for technical support. This will be aimed at the help desk solutions for both system and software. I shall be discussing network monitoring tools, remote desktop/assistance, command line tools and control panel utilities.

Remote desktop assistance
This piece of software allows a user to gain access to a computer
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Tune up offers a lot of tools to enhance the computer system. It can tell you the details on what has been optimized. It can also show the user which settings should be optimized.

Click here to start the maintenance check
How long until the automatic maintenance starts
Once the user is happy with the changes made to the computer system. They can then go into other things such as a maintenance scan which can be found on the “Maintain system” window.

Click on the 1-click maintenance to start the scan this will scan and analyze the computer system in order for it to function and perform at its best. It does this by cleaning and then defragging the computers registry, freeing up disk space by getting rid of any unwanted items, removing any shortcuts that are broken, optimizing the way the computer starts up and shuts down, before finally defragging the hard disk to create more memory space. Once the results have come back the user would be able to see what has a problem and what’s been optimized. They can view the problem by clicking “Show Details” under the result of the problem

Click here to view the problem
Results of the maintenance

Administrative Tools
Administrative tools are a more advance tool used to configure and apply setting and/or Limitations to a computer system. This can be font in the control panel via the start menu. There are many different tools to be used such as computer management, local

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