Unit 13 P2

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Importance of teamwork is that when a team works well together they tend to understand their team members strengths and weaknesses. Strong teamwork can benefit from the team members and I say this because they become more capable at splitting up tasks so that they are accomplished by the members of the team that are more highly qualified. If businesses didn’t have strong teamwork within their business, it could make everything a lot harder for managers of the business to settle certain staff members, whom can fulfil tasks at their incomparable standard. Rules and procedures are general expectations and behaviours that need to be followed at all times in a business. If rules and procedures are not followed at all time then that person could be at risk of losing their job purely because they are breaking the law. It is important to follow…show more content…
So, it is very important to follow the organisations rules and procedures because rules and procedure is the main key that completes a business for instance; many big businesses these days are still…show more content…
The perfect attitude within the business will definitely appeal to more staff and will prevent the strong and healthy of the existing workers within the business. As part of a business employees should always follow rules and procedures and I say this because if customers find that their problem has been resolved using the companies rules and procedures they will happen to be happy customers which will then lead them on to telling 3 or more people about how well their experience went in that specific business. So, just following simple rules and procedures of a business could lead to excellent word of mouth by previous customers about the
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