Unit 14 Event Driven Research Paper

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Key Features of Event Driven Programming
Event Driven Programming consists of a programming paradigm, a programming paradigm is a basic style for computer programming. It serves as a way for building structure for a computer program. A paradigm in its simplest form is a typical example or pattern of something, a pattern or model.
An Event Driven Program is not restrained by the style of procedural programs, instead of the top to bottom functionality of a procedural program, where the code starts at the top and just reads down, on an already determined path, instead of this, event driven programming has code placed in logical areas of events, this code is not used in a determined order as the user has full control over the program by triggering
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- Time Driven
A Time Driven feature is code which an event driven program runs on a timely basis, this could be once a day/week/month etc. This feature is used within the computers Operating System, it can be set to check for updates to software once a month. Another example of this is, most standard anti-virus programs are set to scan your computer for potential threats each day.
- Events
There are many different king of events, they can be split up into two categories, Internal and External events. Internal Events:
Mouse; Moving the mouse in any direction causes the cursor to respond on the display, the scroll button can be moved up, down and used to click and the mouse buttons can be used to click and/or double click, all these can cause events within a program.
Keyboard; Each key one a keyboard can be set to do different events simultaneously, pressing and/or releasing a key can be used to start
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This could be something as simple as operating a leaver to open a hidden door. Another advantage within event driven programming is the use of sensor technology to operate functions within a program. This allows hardware to easily interact with applications within the computer, an example of such application is the ability to have a microphone plugged in the recording jack of the computer and it too only activate when the microphone receives a signal over a certain decibel level so that the microphone can constantly be on. A use of such feature could be within multiplayer video games where concentration is needed constantly so fiddling about with buttons to activate the microphone is distracting from the game and could make you
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