Unit 16 - P1&M1

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Subject: Human Resources Management Introduction: Morrison’s PLC is one of the largest food retailers in UK. It has changed a lot over the last 8-10 years. Thanks to HR guidance it has improved all his sections and departments. To maintain this growth Morrison’s has to offer new services and products by using new selling strategies. To improve Morrison’s performance the HR changed the internal and external factors. Internal factors that HR has changed: Organisational needs and skills requirements: organisational needs are constantly changing that is why Morrisons’s HR has to training the employees as far as they can keep their position. The organisation must watch the marketing in order to open new stores in other countries or in…show more content…
They conduct extensive wage and salary surveys to maintain compensation costs in line with the organization's current financial status and projected revenue. Benefits Benefits specialists can reduce the company’s costs associated with turnover, attrition and hiring replacement workers. They are important to the organization because they have the skills and expertise necessary to negotiate group benefit packages for employees, within the organization's budget and consistent with economic conditions. They also are familiar with employee benefits most likely to attract and retain workers. This can reduce the company’s costs associated with turnover, attrition and hiring replacement workers. Safety Employers have an obligation to provide safe working conditions. Workplace safety and risk management specialists from the HR area manage compliance with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations through maintaining accurate work logs and records, and developing programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Workplace safety specialists also engage employees in promoting awareness and safe handling of dangerous equipment and hazardous chemicals. Liability HR employee relations specialists minimize the organization's exposure and liability related to

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