Unit 16 P5 Essay

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What is employee performance? Employee performance is a performance criteria standard of an employee, they must have good behaviour and mustn’t do anything bad like waste time. Employees are rated on how well they do their jobs compared with a set of standards determined by the employer. What does measuring performing mean Measuring performance means when a business will measure the quality of the activities that are passing and the quality of the services provided to the customers by employees. It involves creating a simple, but effective, system for determining whether organizations meet objectives. It’s also a process of collecting and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or organizations. It can…show more content…
Carphone Warehouse measure how well they are doing as a store in sales, they compare themselves to other branches near their location e.g. Bradford. What does managing performing mean Managing performance means when an employee will be have targets and goals they have been given to see how they are progressing and what the final result is, all this will be monitored. There are 7 seven ways of monitoring their performance: • Probation • Appraisal • Supporting employees • Managing workloads • Delegating authority and responsibility • Discipline • Employee development How is managing performance different to measuring performance. The difference between managing performance and measuring performance is that in managing performance is that it will involves an employee being monitored on how well they are progressing on their targets and goals, and for measuring performance the business will measure the quality of services provided to customers by the employees and the business, Describe each of the techniques available for managing performance and link to Carphone warehouse. • Probation- when an employee starts a new job they are often put on probation for a certain amount of time where their progress is closely monitored. This allows the employees to demonstrate that they are suitable for the job and can help them to decide if the job is right for them. During probation, the employer has the opportunity to

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