Unit 18

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| Department of BusinessIn conjunction with Edexcel | Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business | Assessment Information | Unit No & Name: | Unit 27: Health and Safety in the Workplace level 3 | Lecturers/Assessor Name: | Rachel Adedeji | Date Set: | w/c Sept 2014 | Assignment Name: | 1 of 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace | Submission Date: | w/c Nov 2014 | | | Edexcel Unit Code | H/502/5458 | Assessment Type: | Internal (Portfolio) | Unit Credit Value | 10 | Internal Standardisation | Assignment Brief | Assessments | Author: | Maxine Halford | Assessor 1 | | Internal Verifier: | | Assessor 2 | | Date: | Sept 2014 | Internal Verifier(s): | | Assessment Resources | Document/File | Name…show more content…
You must include the physical environment and any equipment used. a) An introduction which describes why a safe working environment is important. This should be no more than 2/3 paragraphs. b) Describe the nature of the work being carried out in your selected business and the possible type of risks to health and safety that might be associated with the physical environment of the business. c) Give six examples of the type of equipment used in the business and briefly describe how they may be a hazard. d) Draw a diagram which identifies six potential areas of the selected workplace and possible health and safety aspects associated with them. Your diagraph should include areas of concern and how the business has recognised them e.g. illustrate the problem and relevant warning signs. Task 3 a-d addresses P2 describe the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace, as applied to the physical environment and equipment used, in a selected business 7th Nov Task 4 a) You are asked to explain the roles and responsibilities of key personnel in your selected workplace for health and safety, for example the facilities manager, site manager, human resources director
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